Vislab Head Quarter Pavilion 1 _ Parma

TYPE: Multi-storey in CLT for 50 lodgings
STATUS: In progress
YEAR: 2021-22
CLIENT: Boraschi Case in Legno srl

PROJECT: Mauro Frate architects
TEAM: Muro Frate, Francesca Riva

STRUCTURES: Ergodomus (Wood), Piacentini srl (CLS)
ENERGY ENGINEERING: 26015 Progetti srl
CONTRACTOR: Boraschi Case in Legno srl

Pavilion 1 of the Innovation Hub is located within the Science and Technology Campus of the University of Parma. The general project foresees a pair of twin buildings for the realization of the new headquarters of VisLab, a company engaged in the research of intelligent systems for assisting car guide.
The area in which the first building is located is part of a large University settlement for scientific faculties designed in the late Seventies. The settlement principle is the typical one of the Campus that in the time has been constituted in a specialized enclosure with a strong functional mix implemented by a succession of very heterogeneous buildings placed in the green. From the point of view of the functional layout, the need was to combine the laboratory functions with the administrative ones, completing the offer with a series of open spaces with a more versatile and flexible character and therefore able to accommodate a variety of activities. On the whole, the organization of spaces is therefore more rigid and formalized on the ground floor and more flexible on the second floor, intended for recreational functions, reception and directives. In the final design phase we are dedicated to finding the right compromise between the needs of functional layout and the optimal stereometric structure, while assuming as binding for a large part of the solutions expressed by the project placed at the base of the tender. In essence, assuming as the main form factors aspects related to energy, the architectural solution expressed continuously averages between the different needs: between the best radiation offered by a large roof pitch with optimal geometry of 30 ° South and the containment of air volumes to be heated or cooled. The final formal result represents the compromise between exposure and protection from direct solar radiation, between ideal form factor (S/V) and small concessions to the devices of overlooking or relationship with the outside (the patio / loggia on the top floor), capable of adding quality to the already high level of comfort of users.