Competition _ 180 low carbon housing units in Rione Pertini _ Mestre [VE]

PLACE: Mestre [VE]
TYPE: Masterplan
STATUS: Tender Competition
YEAR: 2009
AUCTIONEER: Immobiliare Veneziana
PROJECT: Architer (Frate/Magnani/Paccone/Vincenti)
TEAM: Architer with Emanuele Dal Zot, Alessio De Lazzari, Nicola Maniero, Matteo Michielin, Ludovico Sternini

The suggested project confirms and adopts the aims of the PP that, through the design of open spaces, wants to relate the current Rione Pertini with the areas of the future PEEP intervention.
Starting from the settlement setting of the plan, which places the new building quantities inside three minimum intervention units arranged along the canal, the project imagines the realization of buildings in which private uses and appliances are strongly separated from public areas.
This clear separation, resolved through the introduction of a basement "plinth" that contains the garages and on which rest the buildings, allows on the one hand to express the idea of a "residence in the park" and on the other to mark the continuity and usability of green spaces. If the design of open spaces is the main element of relationship to the scale of the city, the architectural project does not give up, however, to seek a volumetric configuration appropriate to the size of the intervention, and recognizable at a larger scale than that of the nearest surroundings. This desire is manifested both in the idea of aligning the highest parts of the buildings according to an arch arrangement perceivable from a great distance, and in the intention to formally connote the top.
formally connote the top, destined to receive the plant engineering equipment.
In particular, the need to have large surfaces oriented in a coherent motion to accommodate the photovoltaic panels has led to the creation of elements of coverage strongly characterized and recognizable from the stereometric point of view.
The open spaces to the South of the new building are intended entirely for public park. A network of cycle-pedestrian paths crosses the built front connecting the area of the public mall along the consortium canal with the Rione Pertini. The same paths are accompanied by rows of trees that structure the open space, building a sequence of areas within which the new buildings are located.