Competition _ Masterplan production settlement "Tre Torri Nord" _ Medolla [MO]

PLACE: Medolla (MO)
TYPE: Masterpaln
STATUS: Feasibility Study
YEAR: 2018
CLIENT: Biomedica srl

PROJECT: MFa _ Mauro Frate architects
TEAM: arch. Mauro Frate (group leader), with arch. Nicola Rossi

The main content of the proposed Masterplan is a factory for biomedical logistics surrounded by a system of open spaces in the form of multifunctional organisms. The concept of living space is rapidly evolving: people are progressively getting used to living time, space and property in a fluid and almost strategic way, in tune with their daily commitments. These new ways of living, working, meeting and using services are reflected in the evolution of the city: more and more we are faced with multifunctional urban organisms that, as autonomous parts of a single body, are able to respond in a flexible and adaptive way to the need of each individual to build their own daily schedule, which can be organized according to dynamic times and modes, taking advantage from time to time of all that the city can offer. The project tries to accommodate this tendency of society through an accurate reconfiguration of the open space directly pertaining and in general of the spaces between buildings and contiguous areas. The attempt is to interpret a small collection of new open spaces as places with a strong characterization.
The attempt is to interpret a small collection of new open spaces as places with a strong identity for the guests of the activities and for the life of the local community: a system of paths and areas of rest that favor the interaction between the different generations of inhabitants and are available for various uses. The ring immediately following the access viability will be dedicated to the parking quotas of the activities and to the public parking quotas. The topography of the area of intervention can be represented as a sort of plane gently inclined towards the countryside to encourage the natural drainage of water, the state road runs on a plane at a higher altitude than the country plane and this allows a deeper perception of the landscape allowing to push the effectiveness of the look at a greater distance. The course of the land around the ring of parking lots can be modeled according to any carryover of earthworks that will be carried out for the construction of the foundational plan of the building. This will allow to protect the forest and its users from the presence of cars, but also to establish precise methods of access to the most ecologically valuable parts towards the countryside, selecting in a targeted manner the positions of the access gates. The completion of the pedestrian-cycling infrastructure within the property system with the paths of soft mobility extra-local configures a great space of leisure. Inside the wooded area, it will be possible to open equipped clearings, if necessary transformed, through small excavation operations, into areas of hydraulic compensation that in the dry phase will be free spaces for the most varied informal activities.