NO DAMS _ Bologna

LOCATION: Bologna (BO) _ International Museum and Library of Music, Strada Maggiore 34
STATUS: Local Partner
YEAR: 2021
PROMOTER: Art Department, Bologna University
MANAGEMENT AND CURATORSHIP: Claudio Marra and Anna Rosellini
EXHIBITION SETUP PROJECT: Experience, Tristan Chadney, Laurent Esmilaire, Éric Lapierre with Marie-Ange Farrell, Paris
EXHIBITION SETUP MANAGEMENT: Experience - Paris in collaboration with MFa _ Mauro Frate architects Bologna
SOUND: Fosco Lucarelli
PHOTO CREDITS: Filip Dujardin

NO DAMS 50 years anniversary of the Art, Music and Performing Arts department
The display project of the NO DAMS! exhibition consisted of an installation able to contain a visual and immersive narration related to the didactic and research experiences of DAMS in Bologna. Through the installation were highlighted the experimental characteristics of DAMS and its participatory commitments to the cultural and social life of the city. The exhibition was set up in the International Museum and Library of Music. In two adjoining rooms, a curved wall was covered with an assembly of archival documents (university statutes, teaching programs, period photographs, newspaper articles, etc.) that surrounded a space for audiovisual projections and other iconic materials. A third room held devices for video projections of selected multimedia materials. Other installations, recognizable and identifiable by their shape, extended the exhibition to other places around the city, in order to highlight the role and influence played by DAMS beyond its institutional perimeter. The installation (halls 1 and 2) consisted of an ellipsoid-shaped structure mounted across the two halls: the "Pilule", by the architecture studio Experience, which allowed the development of the exhibition for 35 linear meters and the creation of an immersive environment. On the convex wall of the "Pilule", the documentary material (original or copies) has been organized according to a chronological criterion and was accompanied by information necessary to illustrate the sequence of events. In the concave space of the "Pilule", audiovisual projections and artistic montages evoked the many activities of the DAMS, its hybrid entity with specific characteristics of creativity, diversity, transgression and experimentation. In the third room was projected a video composed of a multimedia materials