Gustomare restaurant _ Riccione [RN]

LOCATION: Riccione [RN]
TYPE: Catering
STATUS: in progress
YEAR: October 2021
CUSTOMER: Bar Lory snc

PROJECT: Mauro Frate architects
TEAM: Mauro Frate with Francesca Riva


The project involves the complete demolition and reconstruction of the building on the site of the previous one with a substantial re-proposition of the original stereometry. The shape of the building remains almost unaltered in terms of position and the site of the new one is mostly coincident with the pre-existing one. Specifically, the new restaurant Gustomare provides for the volumes construction of the ground floor on the site of the existing building thus incorporating the structure between the two rows of cabins that delineate the boundaries North-West and South-East. The objective is to relocate on the same surface, in concession on the state-owned area, the spaces necessary for the activity of bar/restaurant in compliance with the regulations in force and in the most functional way possible for carrying out the activity.
We have redesigned positions and the mutual relationships between the different areas of the layout: the area of the restaurant-bar, fulcrum of the project, is located in a central position to the site, facing the west side in direct contact with the beach and the Adriatic Sea. On the long sides of the lot are articulated two spaces of different nature, the kitchen that overlooks the restaurant/bar area and, on the opposite side, a "corridor" plays the role of opening that connects the beach to the promenade and is configured as an entrance from the city. On the opposite side to the sea there are the service rooms (washing area, bathrooms, deposits etc..) and the vertical connection devices (stairs and elevator). The latter connect the main floor with a basement and a terrace. The basement level is intended for storage, pantry and dressing room for staff; the terrace will host a small bar area, partially covered in order to protect the equipment and to allocate the maximum possible amount of photovoltaic panels.