Competiotion _ Kindergarten of 3 sections _ Sirtori [LC]

PLACE: Sirtori (LC)
TYPE: School
STATUS: Design Competition
YEAR: 2011
AUCTIONEER: Municipality of Sirtori (LC)

PROJECT: MFa _ Mauro Frate architects
TEAM: arch. Mauro Frate (group leader), with arch. Ludovico Sternini, arch. Simone Visentin, arch. Francesco Lanza, arch. Filippo Bergianti

The functional program of the new building meets the needs expressed by 3 sections of kindergarten (90 children): this is achieved through a series of separate buildings that are welded in the internal functional relations by the system of distribution spaces and in the external relations by the continuity/contiguity of open spaces of relevance. The articulation of the new volumes, is realized with off-site wood construction techniques, and is recomposed under the large continuous sloping roof, thus allowing the expression of the peculiarities of the individual parts without sacrificing the unity of the figurative solution.
The new complex consists of three identical volumes in which the three educational sections are located. The extensions of the latter, towards the West, constitute the spaces dedicated to free activities, while towards the East are distinguished the mediation devices of the relationship with the open space: these are small portions of garden, belonging to the individual sections, protected from the sun by a sort of brise-soleil. The three volumes are connected by an orthogonal path to the educational sections. The volume of the distributive spaces is located on the parking lot, along the road, displacing to the North the environments dedicated to the activities for the reception of children, developing then up to reach the body of the services placed on the bottom of the intervention area (towards South). The project hypothesizes further phases of realization dedicated to a possible fourth section or to the realization of a space for children and parents used also for extracurricular activities addressed to the neighborhood. A small room, with its own entrance and services, is therefore configured as a multifunctional space (space for small shows, meeting room, etc.).