Low-assistance micro-residence _ Medolla [MO]

LOCATION: Medolla [MO]
YEAR: 2013
CLIENT: RockNoWar _ A.S.P. Comuni Modenesi Area Nord

PROJECT: Mauro Frate architects
TEAM: Mauro Frate con Ludovico Sternini, Simone Visentin

STRUCTURE: Ing. Sabrina Aldrovandi
ENERGY ENGENEERING: Ing. Benedetti&Santini
WOODEN STRUCTURE: Sistem Costruzioni srl
PHOTO CREDITS: Andrea Avezzù

LOT OF LAND: 2609,28 mq
BUILDING AREA: 400,69 mq
WALKABLE AREA: 262,88 mq

The project for Medolla is part of the set of projects and realizations known as Diffuse Assisted Microresidences, developed in several times for the Bassa Modenese area. In the days immediately following the may 2012 earthquake, the management group of A.S.P. (Public Person Services Company of the North Modena Municipalities) formed a working group with the aim of defining the characters of a prototype of Social Housing to be proposed for the reconstruction to the Mayors of the "crater" as a model for subsequent actions. Thanks to the fundraising initiated by Mediafriends, QN Resto del Carlino and the collaboration of Rock No War that of Medolla was the first Diffuse Assisted Microresidences built.

The requirements to be pursued there revolved around an idea of Welfare able to feed the paradigms of sustainability: an idea of all-round resilience – economic, social, procedural, urban – with a concrete purpose: to create buildings less expensive and smarter, less sophisticated but capable of high performance offered to guests in terms of comfort. Perhaps less luxurious but more welcoming and functional: user-friendly.

The peculiarity of Medolla's Microresidence is traceable, not only in terms of the proposed spatial solutions that aim to configure spaces that can guarantee the practices of living different degrees of privacy: the spatial organization is characterized by a sequence of spaces that in the juxtaposition of the different modules generate real specialized zones usable at the same time without mutual inconvenience:
1 – Individual spaces (rooms, small individual lodges)
2 – Shared services (kitchens, laundries, toilets)
3 _ Convivial spaces (spaces for refection, for rest/stay, for collective activities, common lodges).
But also in the choice of a wooden construction system whose qualities have been unanimously recognized in terms of seismic safety and energy saving and in the choices for external accommodations, in fact, it is located within a clearing surrounded by existing trees and new plantings of fruit trees.
1/12 Photo by Mauro Frate
2/12 Context plan
3\12 Shaded planimetry
4\12 Exploded axonometric view
5\12 Ground floor plan & South elevation
6\12 Detail section
7\12 View: porch and collective living room